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You Are What You Eat

Published on Feb 14, 2018
Medically reviewed by Elizabeth Pappadopulos, PhD

Ever hear the saying, you are what you eat? Eating isn’t just about satisfying hunger. Good nutrition is linked to a healthy life. The food you eat should be rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help you stay healthy.

Putting the healthy back into modern day eating habits

In today’s society, many people are eating foods too high in calories, and do not include enough vegetables and fruit. Eating foods that are high in calories but low in vitamins and minerals—i.e. ‘empty’ calories—can lead to excess weight gain.

Nutrition experts recommend eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods with vitamins and minerals (called micronutrients) and relatively few calories. Micronutrients are found in foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and are important for development, disease prevention and overall wellness.

Micronutrients can be found naturally in a variety of plant- and animal-based foods. They help to:

  • Support brain development.
  • Maintain a healthy immune system.

How often do you eat ‘empty-calorie’ foods?

Want to get started with eating a more well-balanced diet?

Take a moment to think about your current eating habits and write down your goals with this action plan.

Download nutrition action plan.

Nutrition action plan

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