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Prevent Bug Bites: What to Know Before You Go

Published on May 06, 2019

Travel can bring you in contact with all sorts of exotic experiences, people…and insects! Learn what you need to know to protect yourself from bugs that bite (e.g., mosquitoes, ticks, fleas) at your destination, especially to tropical or warm places.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides information on the diseases that are spread by certain bugs and offers recommendations for safer and healthier travels, such as applying both insect repellant along with sunscreen, and wearing protective clothing. See the infographic from the CDC below.

Be sure to check the CDC website for any travel health alerts at www.cdc.gov/travel. Some countries may also require vaccinations against mosquito-borne illnesses before entering. It’s important to see your doctor before your trip to help ensure you are safe should you have an accident or become sick. If you are sick after traveling, be sure to see your doctor and tell him or her where you’ve been.

Download the resource here.

Prevent Bug Bytes

Caroline Pak, PharmD, is a pharmacist and the Medical Editor-in-Chief for Get Healthy Stay Healthy at Pfizer Inc.

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