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Meet Dr. Lewis-Hall

Freda Lewis-Hall, MD, FAPA

I've been training for this my whole life.

I decided to become a doctor at age six. I was inspired by our family physician, Dr. Settles, who was the "chief medical officer" for my community and saw a steady stream of patients every day. Dr. Settles was ahead of his time in advising his patients to take action to sustain their health through prevention, mindful behaviors and informed decision making. Kind always, but direct when he needed to be, Dr. Settles taught me at a young age about the importance of the patient-doctor partnership and the need for people to take control of their health.

Fast forward a few decades and clearly those concepts of partnership and action have grown a bit. Today, as Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer, I watch out not only for the health of my family, but also for the health of millions of families around the world. I lead a team of medical experts working to ensure the safe, effective and appropriate use of Pfizer medicines and vaccines.

But here's where that partnership idea comes in. When it comes to your health, your doctor can't do it all for you - nor can you do it alone. It takes concerned, active relationships to gain and keep good health. If you're serious about making the best healthcare choices for you and your family, about taking charge of your wellbeing and good health, then we have the questions and the answers to get you moving in the right direction.

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