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Sukirti Bagal, MD, MPH

Dr. Sukirti Bagal was the Medical Director of Rare Diseases and Clinical Development at Pfizer. She is trained in Internal Medicine and received her medical degree from India. Dr. Bagal has extensive pain management and palliative care experience as she worked at India’s leading Palliative Care Center and Hospice prior to moving to the United States. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Mount Sinai’s Ruttenburg Cancer Center and also has a Masters in Public Health from New York University.  She authored the article What You Need to Know About Gaucher DiseaseWhat You Need to Know About Gaucher Disease during her employment at Pfizer.
Dr. Bagal is well recognizedrecognised in the rare disease space and has recently been appointed to the editorial board of a recently launched peer reviewed journal specific to rare diseases. Dr. Bagal is also passionate about tobacco control and has worked with the American Cancer Society as the Director of Asian Tobacco Initiative and served a key role for facilitating the introduction of regulations to reduce exposure to second hand smoke in bars and restaurants in NYC.