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Are You At Risk for Atrial Fibrillation?

Published on Nov 22, 2017
Authored by Pfizer Medical Team

Atrial fibrillation ( or AF) is a serious heart condition that affects an estimated  300,000 plus people in Australia and 35,000 in New Zealand. People with AF experience abnormal or irregular heartbeats. They often describe the experience as feeling like their heart flip-flops or beats very fast, though some people affected with AF don’t notice any symptoms at all.

Having AF puts you at a higher risk for serious health problems such as stroke, blood clots, and heart failure. Could you be at risk of developing AF? Check off any of the following risk factors that apply to you then print your results and share them with your doctor.

This tool is not intended to result in a diagnosis or a treatment recommendation. It's meant to help you have a more meaningful discussion with your doctor. No information about you will be collected or stored.

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November 2017


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