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Headache/Migraine Diary

Published on Nov 22, 2017
Medically reviewed by Doctor Margaret L. Frazer

Download your Headache/Migraine Diary

If you experience recurring headaches or migraines, keeping track of them may help. A headache/migraine diary can be an effective way to help you keep track of the details of your symptoms such as how often you get them, how long they last, what might be triggering them and other contributing factors. Be sure to share the headache/migraine diary with your doctor so that he or she can accurately diagnose you (whether it’s a specific type of headache or whether it’s a migraine). And work with your doctor to create a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

Here is a headache/migraine diary to help you keep track.

Headache/Migraine Diary

To be able with talk to your doctor about headaches, it helps to know key facts, including: What is your headache like? Where does it hurt? When and how often does it come? How long does the pain last? The more you know about your headache, the more your doctor can help you to diagnose, treat, and prevent it.

Reviewed by Margaret L. Frazer, MD, Senior Director within the Cardiovascular and Metabolic team at Pfizer. 

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