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Pneumonia Risk Quiz

Published on Aug 05, 2020
Authored by Pfizer Medical Team
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Pneumonia is a lung infection that causes fluid to build up and makes it difficult to breathe. One of the most common types is pneumococcal pneumonia. Young children, older adults and people with certain chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or have a weakened immune system, are at higher risk of pneumococcal pneumonia.

Take the quiz below by ticking the boxes that apply to you or on behalf of a family member.

Print and share the results with the doctor or nurse to understand your risk of pneumonia and how you can help protect yourself.

This tool is not intended to result in a diagnosis or a treatment recommendation. It’s meant to help you have a more meaningful discussion with your doctor. We do not collect or store any information about you from this quiz.

Your Age

Do you have chronic health conditions or a weakened immune system?

Do you smoke?

Do you live in an aged care home?

Are you of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori or Pacific Islander background?

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After completing this quiz, how likely are you to talk to the doctor about your pneumonia risk?

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