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Bartholomew J. Tortella, MD, MBA

Dr. Bartholomew J. Tortella is a Medical Director on the HemophiliaHaemophilia team at Pfizer. He received his medical degree from the Harvard Medical School and a Master in Theologic Studies (MTS) with a concentration in Ethics from the Harvard Divinity School. He also received his MBA from the Columbia University School of Business and his BS from St. Joseph’s University. Dr. Tortella was a General Surgery resident at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital and an Instructor in Surgery at the Harvard Medical School.  He completed an NIH research fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco General Hospital and a clinical fellowship in Trauma and Critical Care at the New Jersey Trauma Center, Newark, NJ. 

While at Pfizer, Dr. Tortella has served on two FDA Advisory Committees and is currently a grant application reviewer for the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute in Washington, DC.   

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