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Daniel Wilson, MD

Dr. Daniel Wilson was a Senior Director within the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Team at Pfizer. He authored the article, Managing High Blood Pressure Managing High Blood Pressure during his employment at Pfizer.

He received his Doctor of Medicine at Rush Medical University, then completed his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine, Hypertension and Nephrology, and a Renal Research Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Wilson’s research interests have included hypertensive emergencies and urgencies, resistant hypertension, and drug-related nephrotoxicity. He has participated in numerous clinical research studies and multicenter trials, which have focused on the treatment of hypertension, and made noteworthy contributions to the medical literature.

Dr. Wilson has 13 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. As a Medical Director at Pfizer, he had focused on cardiovascular and nephrologic issues related to medications and drugs in development.


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