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Jill Inverso, MS, PhD

Jill Inverso, MS, PhD, holds degrees in the areas of Immunology and Infectious Diseases. She has over 25 years of combined experience in academic medical research and pharmaceutical R&D. She currently holds the position of Executive Director, Disease Area Lead - Infectious Diseases in the Specialty Care Business Unit at Pfizer.

Prior to joining Pfizer, Jill completed a post-doctoral fellowship at The Rockefeller University and subsequently joined the faculty of Cornell University Medical College where she trained medical students and conducted NIH-supported research focused on molecular and immunologic aspects of infectious diseases.

During her 21 year tenure with Pfizer, Jill has held various positions spanning Phase 3 and 4 clinical development of various products, as well as global post-marketing medical support, management of field based medical teams including RMRS Group Leader for ID, HIV, Oncology, Endocrinology, and Ophthalmology, and management of headquarters and field-based medical teams as Medical Affairs Group Leader for ID, HIV, and PVD. In 2009 with the merger of Pfizer and Wyeth, Jill transitioned her base from New York to Collegeville where she became Executive Director, Medical Affairs Group Leader, Vaccines and Infectious Diseases. In 2011, she joined the Disease Area group in Specialty Care as Executive Director, Disease Area Lead for Infectious Diseases. Her current role is Lead for Anti-Infectives, Global Medical Affairs, Global Established Products.

While at Pfizer, Jill has supported a diversity of US-based and global roles spanning basic research, clinical development, Medical Affairs, and the Disease Area across a diversity of therapeutic areas. She is experienced in designing and implementing clinical trials, developing regulatory submissions, launching and commercializing new drugs and indications, and supporting in line products through LOE.

As a manager, Jill has effectively led diverse organizations including ID, HIV, Vaccines, Respiratory, Endocrinology, Oncology, PVD, and Ophthalmology. She is experienced in building teams, managing resources, and aligning across complex organizations.

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