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Lotus Mallbris, MD, PhD

Lotus Mallbris, MD, PhD, was a Senior Medical Director and the global medical lead across several investigational dermatology programs at Pfizer. Dr. Mallbris brought more than a decade of experience in dermatology, clinical research, psoriasis and genetics. Dr. Mallbris earned her medical degree from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and her doctorate in philosophy from the Karolinska Institute, Department of Medicine, Unit of Dermatology, in Sweden. Her thesis focused on “Psoriasis: Studies of phenotype at onset and of associated cardiovascular morbidity.” Dr. Mallbris is also a contributing member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Psoriasis Foundation. She authored the articles, Empowering Patients to Overcome the Social Stigma of Psoriasis and Living with Psoriasis: Beyond Just Skin during her employment at Pfizer.

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