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Healthy Living

Women have unique health needs that change throughout their lives. Better understanding those needs can help best manage one’s overall health when...
Like adults, teenagers need an annual wellness visit. Make sure to schedule your teen’s wellness visit with the doctor every year.
Learn about how you can get essential vitamins and minerals from food and what they can to do better your health.
Use this diary to keep track of your headache symptoms and help you discover patterns in the headaches you experience.
Learn about the types of bug bites to avoid, as well as how to help identify and treat them.
Find a helpful checklist for early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, including information regarding normal aging and potential signs of the disease.
Reference this high cholesterol checklist to help manage your cholesterol and get on the right track to eating and living healthy with diabetes.
The foods you eat can affect your health which is why it’s important to make smart food choices with the help of this eating well checklist from...
Staying active is important - exercise can help you stay healthy as well as better control your blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol.
Keeping a food diary & exercise log is a great way to set goals and make healthy changes in your life as well as keeping track of your actions...
Use this tool to help determine which vitamins are essential to growth and a strong, healthy diet while balancing nutrition across the life cycle...
Learn if you are at risk for Atrial Fibrillation, or Afib, a cardiovascular condition affecting the heart that occurs in approximately 6.4 million...
Browse this informational guide for tips on living with Hemophilia, and learn about this rare genetic disease that affects about 20,000 males in...
The amount and quality of sleep we get affects our health and how well we work, learn and get along with others. Keeping track of your sleep patterns...
Get the facts about living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and learn about the symptoms of the disease.
How much money could you save by quitting smoking, and how does quitting affect your health? Use these calculators to find out.
Take this quiz to find out if you’re taking the right steps to help keep your brain healthy.
When you’re diagnosed with high cholesterol, your doctor can be an important source of information about how to reach your cholesterol and heart-...
Help ease pain and stay limber with these moves.
How to talk with your doctor about adult vaccinations.
Play this quick brain game to give your mind a workout.
This Arthritis Symptoms Checklist can help you and your doctor determine if arthritis could be causing of your symptoms.
Everyone feels down from time to time. We get stressed, fatigued, anxious, and tired. Often, these feelings pass quickly. If they don’t, you could be...
Use this progress tracker to monitor your symptoms, follow your progress, and share the results with your doctor.
Use this tool to help you talk with your doctor about your risk factors.

Diseases & Conditions

How To Protect Your Lower Back
If you’ve ever suffered from low back pain, you know all too well how much it can impact your daily life. Fortunately, there are several things you...
Learn about types of pain such as nociceptive, neuropathic, and centralized, and download a tool to help you describe your pain to your doctor.
Learn ways to help control and lower your blood sugar while living with diabetes with this helpful checklist from Get Healthy Stay Healthy.
Learn about the risk factors for this serious health condition and how to discuss your personal risk with your doctor.
Important questions to ask about your diagnosis.

Managing Your Health

Managing your depression is key to your quality of life and wellbeing. Talking with your doctor and taking your medicine as prescribed is just the...
Understanding the Phases of Clinical Trials
Create a checklist that can help you prevent accidents and injuries around the house.
Keeping track of your medical history can be difficult. Yet it's necessary to get a complete picture of your overall health. This health journal...
Be prepared for your next doctor’s visit with this tool for tracking your medications and supplements.
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