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Men’s Health Checklist

Published on Jun 14, 2018
Authored by Pfizer Medical Team

Men typically visit the doctor less than women do. Whether that’s because men are afraid of what they might be told at an annual check-up, they dread the probes that can be part of an exam, they’re locked into a mindset of toughing it out, or another excuse, there’s really no good reason NOT to see a healthcare provider regularly. Just like women, men may also be affected by common conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression. They may also have conditions that are specific only to men. What’s more, keeping up with preventative medical visits is not something you should do just for yourself. It’s also something that your family and loved ones can benefit from.

Check out the Men’s Health Checklist below to see what screenings or examinations you might need as a healthy adult. It can serve as a starting point to understanding your general health-related needs.

Keep in mind that this checklist is not comprehensive, so it’s important to speak with your healthcare provider about your specific health needs. For example, ask about what tests he or she recommends, and how often you should get screened or have follow-up appointments. And be sure to share your medical and family history, personal preferences, and lifestyle with your provider to help him or her develop a preventative health plan that is tailored for you.

Men’s Health checklist

General Health

Colorectal Health


Eye, Ear, and Dental Health

Heart Health


Mental & Emotional Health

Prostate Health

Sexual Health

Skin Health

These screening guidelines are not comprehensive for all men. Talk to your healthcare provider to determine a prevention plan tailored to your individual health needs.

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