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Pediatric Health

Teen Health Checklist

Like adults, teenagers need annual wellness visits with their healthcare provider. These visits can help them manage the challenges they face, such as hormonal changes and growth spurts, as well as any social and emotional issues they may be having. Additionally, behavior that can be very typical for teens and young adults—such as sharing food and drinks and living in close quarters—may seem harmless, but can actually increase their risk for serious illness, such as meningococcal disease. What’s more, tracking their physical, emotional, and social development is important for improving or maintaining their general health and well-being.

Schedule your teen’s wellness visit with their healthcare provider every year. The checklist below can help guide the conversation among you, your teen, and the healthcare provider during these visits and help ensure that your teen is receiving the care and information he or she needs.

For teens with a chronic medical condition or undiagnosed symptoms, more frequent office visits may be necessary.

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