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Train Your Brain

Published on Apr 12, 2013
Authored by Pfizer Medical Team

Your body needs exercise to stay healthy, and so does your brain. Some research shows that when you exercise your mind, your brain creates new connections between brain cells. This helps keep your brain healthy and working at its best. It may also help prevent cognitive decline and memory loss. A great way to challenge your brain—and have fun—is by playing memory games. These games help your brain practice storing and retrieving information. So when it’s tested with a real-world task (like remembering where you left your keys) your brain is ready to perform. So go ahead and flex those mental muscles!

How to Play

This is the same memory game you may have played as a kid. If you’ve never played, the rules are pretty simple.

1. Choose your level of difficulty — easy, intermediate, or hard — then select "Start." The level you choose determines how long you have to “study” the cards as you reveal them.

2. Click on a card to reveal an image.

3. Click on another card and try to uncover the same image.

4. If your cards match, the cards remain facing up.

5. If they don’t match, the cards turn over. You can try to match your next set. When you’re done, check the timer. The next time you play, try to beat your time.

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